Virtualization is an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Virtualization is a Green Solution

With virtualization, a business is able to run just one physical server and turn it into five or even ten virtual servers. Instead of running fifty physical servers a large company can invest in five and turn them into fifty virtual servers. There is potentially a significant amount of energy and cost savings.

Virtualization helps people work more efficiently, and can facilitate telecommuting. This in turn means less gasoline use, less wear and tear on the car, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and decreased overall costs.

Think about all the environmental savings:

  • Reduced waste
    If a company has fifty virtual servers running on five physical servers, they need only update or replace five machines in the future. This will help reduce computer waste that goes into landfills. This concept also applies to the additional laptops, desktops and phones you will not need in a virtualized system.
  • Use less power
    Fifty virtual servers running on five physical servers will only consume enough power to run five machines. This clearly reduces energy consumption. Every opportunity for energy conservation eases the pressure on our power grids and reduces the need for more electricity generating facilities, such as additional substations, dams and power plants.
  • Cut down on harmful emissions
    Server environments tend to run hot and use a lot of cooling to make it run efficiently. If less heat is generated, less cooling and less power are required for that cooling.

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