Increase Productivity with DataHive's Virtualization Solution

Improving Your Company's Productivity and Efficiency with Virtualization

In order to compete successfully in the current business world, businesses are under pressure to increase their efficiency and productivity. They can do this in part by making their IT environment more flexible and responsive.

Many businesses find themselves shackled to traditional server architectures that are unadaptable and unyielding. They are hampered by the very IT operations that are supposed to support them. This is precisely why businesses should consider transitioning to a virtualized IT server environment with DataHive of Calgary.

Switch Now and Reap the Benefits

The fact is, virtualization offers a wide range of benefits — from IT to organizational to economical — for businesses of all sizes.

DataHive of Calgary understands your needs and can provide the support so that virtualization will be easy to deploy and maintain.

Virtualization can improve the way IT resources are utilized by simplifying and improving operations. With a virtualized IT environment, you can run multiple applications and several virtual servers on a single physical server. This results in fewer servers and less manpower to manage those servers. This helps to reduce IT costs and management requirements.

With virtualization you can also deploy and manage virtual servers quickly. By implementing a virtualized server environment, you can maximize capacity, minimize downtime and increase productivity.

The virtualized IT environment DataHive offers can also provide your business with impressive cost savings. You can utilize your staff, hardware and software more efficiently. Since you'll need fewer servers, you'll minimize your new hardware purchase costs. You'll save on the space needed to house your servers. With fewer servers running, you can also expect lower power and cooling expenses. With less time needed to maintain your virtual server environment, resources can be better spent focusing on strategic business initiatives.

When you’re ready to explore the full benefits of virtualization, the first step is usually to consult with DataHive of Calgary. We will help identify your company's requirements and create a solution that can provide the efficiency and productivity that your business needs to succeed.

Virtualization Can Impact Employees' and Employers' Productivity

A large portion of many companies’ operating budgets goes to IT-related materials, including servers, desktops, laptops, phones, and cell phones, along with the power it takes to run them. Virtualization is all about less physical equipment to purchase, operate, and repair, which can translate into substantial cost savings for your company.

If your company supports its employees working from home, it can save money on office space. And employees can personally save time and money by skipping that commute to the office. They can log in right from home!

Virtualization means that working from home or abroad doesn’t interfere with employees' ability to get things done effectively and efficiently. If the boss needs a revision toa spreadsheet that’s on the company server and to print it on his printer, it can easily be done from home, on the road, or even from a phone.

With virtualization employees and employers can work from anywhere, any time, and from any device. This means more flexibility and productivity.

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