SMB FYI's About Virtualization

Great Reasons for SMBs to Switch to Virtualization

Today's ambitious SMBs need to find not just small, one-time savings and improvements within their organization. They also need to consider whole new ways of utilizing IT to help their business grow and compete more efficiently. Virtualization is a key tool to realizing that goal, and DataHive is poised to help SMBs make the move toward virtualization.

Here are a few great reasons for SMBs to make the switch.

  • Standardization
    Virtualization software runs on industry-standard AMD and intel x86-based hosts no matter what operating system you use.
  • Resource accessibility
    Virtualization offers access to all physical server resources including CPU, memory, storage, networking and peripherals.
  • Efficiency
    Because multiple virtual machines can be run on a single server, you can optimize how your hardware is used.
  • Mobility
    Each virtual machine is contained within its own software compartment which means that virtual machines can be provisioned, copied, backed up and restored as easily as any other software.
  • Flexibility
    By running legacy operating systems on a virtual machine, the IT team can continue to support older, mission-critical applications without maintaining slower, older servers running proprietary operating systems or systems that are no longer supported.
  • Speed
    Without having to deploy a physical server for each new application, IT can quickly test and then deploy new applications.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Without virtualization, companies need to create exact duplicates of their hardware to accommodate disaster recovery. Virtualization eliminates this requirement, making it easier to set up an offsite system for this purpose.
  • No unplanned downtime
    With virtualization you can move your virtual machines between servers so before updating or patching a server you can switch its virtual machines or other resources. That means maintenance can be conducted without downtime.
  • Provisioning
    Because virtualization allows you to consolidate multiple applications on a single server, you can avoid using servers running at less than maximum capacity.
  • Management
    Virtualization technology incorporates monitoring and management tools that let you automate tasks or handle them manually.

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